Dr. Rienk Eelkema
Position: Assistant Professor
Adress: Julianalaan 136,
2628BL Delft, the Netherlands
Telephone: +31 (0)15 278 1035
 +31 (0)15 278 4289
E-mail: r.eelkema @tudelft.nl



Rienk Eelkema is assistant professor in the Self Assembling Systems group at the Department of Chemical Engineering of Delft University of Technology. He completed his undergraduate degree in Chemistry in 2001, majoring in organic chemistry (supervisor Prof. Ben L. Feringa). He then obtained his PhD in Organic Chemistry in the same group, studying supramolecular chemistry, stereochemistry and nano- and microscale motion in liquid crystalline systems. After completing postdoctoral work at the University of Oxford with Prof. Harry L. Anderson in the field of nanoscale insulation of molecular wires, he joined the TU Delft faculty in 2008. Dr. Eelkema’s research interests include the application of organic synthesis in materials chemistry, small molecule and polymer self-assembly, optoelectronic materials, and dynamic and complex molecular self-assembling systems. 

Awards & Grants:

2011 NWO Echo grant
2010 NWO Complexity Grant (with J. van Esch, G. Koper, S. Kjelstrup and L. Brunsveld)
2009 NWO Veni Grant
2008 Marie Curie Reintegration Grant
2007 KNCV-Backer Award
2006 Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship
2006 Rubicon Fellowship
2001 Strating colloquium award, University of Groningen 


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    • Dynamic covalent assembly of stimuli responsive vesicle gels, Christophe B. Minkenberg, Wouter E. Hendriksen, Feng Li, Eduardo Mendes, Rienk Eelkema, and Jan H. van Esch, Chem. Comm. 2012, doi:10.1039/C2CC34863B
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      Highlighted in Nature (March 2011)

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      Front cover


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      Hot Paper on the Angewandte website
      Highlighted in Nature Chemistry (June 2010).
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      Highlighted in Nature Nanotechnology (July 2009).
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      Front Cover
      Hot Article on the Chem. Commun. website
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      Hot Paper on the Angewandte website
      Must-Read on Faculty of 1000 – Biology
    • A. C. Comely, R. Eelkema, A. J. Minnaard & B. L. Feringa; “De novo asymmetric bio– and chemocatalytic synthesis of saccharides – stereoselective formal O–glycoside bond formation using palladium catalysis”, J. Am. Chem. Soc.2003, 125, 8714–8715.




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